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I Should Quit

from I Fight Lions by I Fight Lions



“Any publicity is good publicity” - well that’s a bare-faced lie
Look at Adolf Hitler, Josef Fritzl, Jimmy fucking Savile: universally vilified
So before you load your gun and acidify your tongue, aim at my art and fire
I suggest you take your time to consider the cruelty of my crimes
Because all I’ve done is write

Songs that sound good in my head
Songs that don’t make any sense to anyone but me
I’m aware that it’s subjective it’s your choice to be
Subjected to these thoughts of mine
If it doesn’t float your boat that’s fine
Just know that there’s nothing you can do to stop me telling the truth
I’m just so Goddamned good

If everyone liked everything
Then everyone would be happy
If everyone liked everything
Then everyone would be boring

Stamp your feet and clap your hands if you think a few words can dictate your every move
Stamp your feet and clap your hands if you think your fellow man can think for himself too
See before you dip your quill in ink that instigates the illnesses that plague my self-esteem
I suggest you have a drink or four and have a good long think before you
Crush this poor boy’s dreams

‘cause these songs don’t sound shit in my head
And despite all the shit you said, I don’t believe
That I should let go of what I love to do and the fact is I love to do this, my friend, the only thing
That makes me high, makes me sing
Though it’s just writing words and melodies over guitar riffs and beats
I’m just so Goddamned good

I should quit I should quit while I’m ahead
I should quit before it gets to my head

I’m just no Goddamned good

If everyone liked everything
Then maybe someone would like me


from I Fight Lions, released December 2, 2013


all rights reserved



I Fight Lions UK

I Fight Lions are a rock band hailing from the mountains of North Wales. Like many other bands, they write songs and perform them in public places; often for applause, seldom for money.

Mae I Fight Lions yn fand roc o ardal fynyddig Eryri. Fel llawer o fandiau eraill, maent yn sgwennu caneuon a'u chwarae nhw i bobl sy weithia'n gwrando, ond yn anaml yn talu.
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